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Any one heard of the movie “Wag the Dog”?

In the movie “Wag the dog”, in the movie, they create some political upheaval to distract the public from a scandal the president is involved in.  I truly believe there is more going on. There was something I ran across, which said something about the elderly did not get there cost of living increase again, and $150 billion was taken from the SS fund, and congress is pushing for a salary raise for themselves. If these things are the only things to have been done under our noses, while there has been discussion about transgender usage of bathrooms I say we got off pretty easy.  However it is not the point of this blog to discuss what is politically going on but to discuss why there is such a thing as Transgender.

One day in august, I received a picture of my son showing off his male anatomy. This child on the way would be my third child; I had already had two other girls. I was ecstatic, a boy, I could not wait to teach him how to be a knight in shining armor.  I even went around showing the picture to anyone who cared to see or didn’t care. I would point to my son’s male anatomy and announce “see the baby is going to be a boy”. Fast forward, a few years on a beautiful sunny day, shortly after my son started walking, I took him outside. He found soot from the bar-b-q, and rubbed his hands into it, and then smeared the soot all over his body. This kind of activity was foreign to me as both previous children would find less disgusting things to do.  Even my mother talks about how my brother from a very early, age displayed very male qualities. There is a lot of things that could discuss about how to raise a boy/ girl, but it would only serve to sidetrack us on our subject of transgender.

First I think we need to discuss what is transgender/ Transsexual and hermaphrodite or otherwise known as intersex.  I want do not want to complicate the subject to much, and will stick mostly to the first two I mention. However since Intersex is mentioned in the discussion I have heard about I would like to at least give it a mention According to wiki

 The number of intersex people depends on the definition used. While human rights institutions have called for the demedicalisation of intersex traits, as far as possible,[9][33][125][126] medical definitions are still used at present. The now-defunct Intersex Society of North America stated that:

If you ask experts at medical centers how often a child is born so noticeably atypical in terms of genitalia that a specialist in sex differentiation is called in, the number comes out to about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births. But a lot more people than that are born with subtler forms of sex anatomy variations, some of which won’t show up until later in life.[127]


Transgender/ transsexual:  defined as somebody who identifies himself or herself as a member of the opposite sex, or somebody who has undergone treatment to change his or her anatomical sex. This is very different then Intersex as intersex it a naturally occurring phenomenon. There for we must define Identity.  Identity is defined as “the fact or condition of being the same or exactly alike”. This brings us to who is responsible for a child’s Identity. And what makes up the Identity of male or female? What I mean by that is, what do we look at to identify if a child is male or female? Answer is we look at the sexual organs and state “male or Female”. sexual identity starts first in our organs then when a child is born it is up to the child’s care givers to teach the child what is their role as a male or a female.

It is my personal opinion, mothers and fathers responsible for teaching their children their sexual identity. A mother who is unwilling to discourage her son from wearing his sister’s dress or getting in to his mothers makeup is failing in her job of teaching her son his Identity. For example in a flicker post by sissyboy1955He states “For my eight birthday, mom had her wedding dress altered and gave it to me as a present. She did my hair and after making me look as pretty as could be, she took me to have my picture taken. I don’t think she’s gonna let me be a boy anymore.” Another post I found on Pintrist stated  “Everyone thought I was so pretty when I was a baby that mom started dressing me like a girl. She tried to put me in pants when I started school but I wouldn’t wear them unless they were for girls. I’m fifteen now and I haven’t worn boy’s clothes since I was a baby.” A mother may justify her actions by stating “but he wants to be a girl.” My question is “Are you sure He wants to be a girl, or is it you wanted a girl so bad that you impressed it on him to chose to be a girl to please you?”

It is not solely Boys who can be part of this discussion but our daughters as well. We need to celebrate our child’s sexual identity they were born with. Be pleased with their differences, this plays a part in so many things in life, however A daughter who is not encouraged show her feminine qualities though dress and speech may stat to question her Identity as female. This is difficult subject since style of clothing for girls can look similar to the male clothing, however girls clothing is made differently then male clothing, it is more obvious in the adult clothing lines.  A girl encouraged to hide herself with drab clothing or clothing usually worn by a male causing the female child difficulty in understanding her identity.


It is often implied Christians are accused of hating  the transgender or homosexual community.  Though often wrong in how they stat their beliefs. The Christian community simply don’t want someone to miss out on what comes from having a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.   Christian people do not want to spread hate when making their statements of their belief but they are human just like everyone else.

In conclusion I believe sexual identity starts before Birth. Had I been unhappy and voice my disappointment about the sex of my son, and continue to state my wish to have had a girl things likely would be different. My son may be having difficulty accepting his masculinity or feel rejection towards his man hood. My eldest Daughter was a surprise child and I had wanted a boy. I did not find out before her birth what the sex of my child would be and allowed it to be a surprise. At the moment of her birth it was announced I had delivered a girl and I felt extreme disappointment although I came to grips with me having a girl, I have a girl who has always had a hard time being extremely feminine.

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