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Determination in the face of Difficulties

The snow has been falling for several days straight and now suddenly we are now having below zero weather.  It takes real determination to shovel out your drive way and side walk a few times a day. Or more maybe it is the joy of having hot chocolate or hot cider or even a hot coffee.

Determination  is defined by Webster as  a  firm or fixed intention. a little determination can go a long way in getting you though the tough times in life.

Good or Bad

In Job interviews a person is asked what is their good and bad qualities. I have always felt this is a trick question and it is in many ways. However should you list determination just like any quality it can be a detriment to you as well as positive. A man who is a serial killer can be rather determined however  this is not for the betterment of the community or himself.  Although a single mother  working t on a doctorates thesis need determination to see her though the difficulties of life.  As it would be much easier to give up and throw in the towel.

Point of encouragement

Let us find a way to better our lives and our community. Let us put some determination and get to work on it. It will take a little determination because you will find there is always someone who will not want the change.

Authors note

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