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Stewardship a Charecter quality to live by

Where I live I get to see nature in all its glory. The majestic trees and hills. a mile in any direction from my home and I can be in the pristine and quite and seclusion of nature. This is rarely an exception even driving on the highway we see a great deal of nature and little else. However recently I was driving down the highway and was shocked to see a pop/beer can on the side of the road. I actually want to discuss the issue of stewardship. The can is just one of  the side effects of lack of good stewardship.  Another would be the death toll on our highways and obesity.    

What is the Problem

So often people think what is the problem with throwing food or paper plastic or cans out the car windows. Look at your garbage can what happens over time? The garbage fills up and needs to be emptied. So often speed limits are considered restrictive. Do you see the need for speed limits set for roads? How about the food we eat. How often we are lead to believe misleading information about the nutrition in packaged foods.  

What is Stewardship

Stewardship is the responsible planning and management of resources. The concepts of stewardship can be applied to the environment and nature, economics, health, property.

The Point

The point, we have an ethical responsibility to be good stewards. Choosing to Take care of the environment and our health. Lets encourage each other in this endeavor. On a personal level, keep trash where it belongs and not on the roads. Also make sure your car is the safe one on the road by staying within the speed limit.   Find a way to be less wasteful of the things we use daily.

Authors note

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